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Safe settlement

2021-04-23 15:36:13
Safe settlement
Detailed introduction:

Safe settlement


Thanks to the successful experience  technical support of Dalian Bohai energy trading center, Eurasia international energy trading center will continue to use its fast  efficient spot listing mode,  be equipped with the whole industry chain information service to provide a broad market space for the development of member enterprises. Thus, the limitation of traditional point-to-point trade mode is changed, the new pattern of point-to-point  all-round energy trade is realized,  the activity of market transaction is greatly improved.

In the future, Eurasia international energy trading center will also provide a digital online trading system. Under the full supervision of the bank on the trading system, it will complete a whole set of processes of transaction, payment, financing, settlement, etc., so as to quickly complete the transaction between the buyer  the seller members under the condition of ensuring the safety of funds  ensuring the quality of goods.

The platform will also supervise the whole transaction  control the transaction risk of both parties.

For more information about energy trading platform, please consult Eurasia international energy trading market management (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., a financial service platform manufacturer.


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