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Product types characteristics of natural gas industry chain

2020-06-05 H:14:17

The product types characteristics of the whole natural gas industry chain. Natural gas is mainly divided into natural gas stored in nature synthetic natural gas (such as coal coking gas oil natural gas generated in the process of petroleum refining). The natural gas is the main one, the amount of artificial gas is very small. The natural gas circulation mainly includes gas liquid natural gas. Due to the low scale of natural gas reserves in China, China ranked 11 in 2016, with proved reserves only 11% of Iran, which can meet the domestic natural gas demand; Therefore, the natural gas market in China still needs to import natural gas as a supplement.


In order to facilitate long-distance transportation, gaseous natural gas is usually processed into liquefied natural gas (LNG) under normal pressure low temperature (- 160 ℃). The gas content of one ton of LNG is equivalent to 1400 ~ 1500 cubic meters of gaseous natural gas. In the area there is no pipeline, the gas can be pressurized loaded into steel cylinders to form compressed natural gas (CNG for short), so as to realize small-scale distribution. Although there are different phases in natural gas products, the main component of natural gas products is methane (CH4) the perspective of molecular structure. The chemical properties of natural gas products are similar, only the forms ways of storage are different.

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